Small Poems



Tick-tock I love you
every hour of the day
and the night.
(Time for Love)



With you in the shade
I will it warm - come to me
we pinch stiff with salt



You girt your heart
like a secret garden

the walls are very high
and studded with hurt

my love like all flowers
must grow through dirt.



Veterans Nursing Home,
night returns the enemies,
flowers fall like bombs.



Apocalypse Day
and the world turns
damp leaves smoulder
no glory descends
the gods sleep-on
and the wind sighs.



Mother! Oh Mother! by the wayside
I have lain down with the wolves! 
Chanteloup! Chanteloup! 
in the verdure green. Forgive me, 
you forewarned me Mother! 
Strong he was, and warm,
I could hear his blood shade
and his voice was truth, 
his tongue was a rasp and
my throbbing wound is proof.



while we
were sleeping
in the air
rain in the rain
thunder interrupts
love like water