Let go of the past, 
stop explaining who you are, 
invent the next moment, 
begin again.




"True artists have always been outlaws and criminals.
Full creativity is rebellious, different, perfectionist.
We are not respectable, we do not do what we are told.
We feel that we have to hide our new discoveries
because the hardness of the world is pressed into our backs.
We bend the rules until they burst open, we borrow and we steal,
we smash and melt down the old, remake it in a different mould,
and then present it to the world."




"I’m sure you’ve found that most people want to fix you, save you, or fuck you.
But i’m not them, I don’t want to fix or save you, I just want to see you smile.
Because you can’t save people, you can only love them."




"My heart craves virtue, 
but my mind craves adversity; 
in that way the immune system craves disease. 
My mind is a product of the heart, 
but my life is a product of the mind."




You are so used to seeing your own features in the mirror,
you have no idea how beautiful you look through a strangers eyes




"The twinkle in your eye was just glitter
The streamers on the street were just litter"




"More heroes, fewer crooks. 
Less botox, more books."





"Obsessed with finding love?
Always sitting on the shelf?

You will never find love,
because you don’t love yourself."





"You didn’t look like your pictures, 
so I made you start a tab
and buy me drinks, 
and call me sir on your knees
all night, until you did."