Some Facts About Guy Peppin

(facts, true facts, and alternative facts)


Guy Peppin: 

1. Lives in what used to be Sydney, but has also lived in Paris, Hong Kong, London, and Los Angeles.

2. Grew up on the northern beaches of Sydney, where the waves meet the cliffs, and the sun rises over the sea.

3. Studied graphic design at Enmore in 2001, then signed the First Things First Manifesto. 

4. Is a cloud topographer, human disaster and (via sublime genealogy) a descendant of the goddess Venus Aphrodite.

5. Went on to complete a BFA at the National Art School in 2009 in printmaking, with honours in Drawing.

6. Worked in an old bookshop when he was a student and napped amongst the precarious piles.

7. Was a recipient of the National Art School’s Storrier Onslow Paris Studio Residency in 2010.

8. Creates work and destroys works, and has exhibited at galleries in Australia and internationally, including inner Mongolia.

9. Went on to live and work in Los Angeles and lived with an actor, then killed a man in Memphis, just to see him die.*

10. Completed an interdisciplinary MFA researching the of text and image, language and translation, chromatics and colour psychology. 

11. Had his artwork used on a vinyl cover and t-shirt by Seeing by Stars, and a poem quoted in a Conundrum In Deed song.

12. Thinks performative masculinity is just another kind of Drag, and that it exposes the rigidity and narcissism of traditional ideas of manhood.

13. Writes poems, loves and is loved, but disagrees that we can belong to each other because we can only belong to time.

15. Sleeps in a bed that has survived the French Revolution, the American Civil War, and Australian Customs Inspectors.

16. Is and has been a lecturer, visiting lecturer, and expert witness in art and design at several colleges and universities.



*to the best of my recollection this was not actually me.