Guy Peppin  Polaris I-III.  Chromogenic acrylic mounted prints, each 760 × 760 mm.

Guy Peppin Polaris I-III. Chromogenic acrylic mounted prints, each 760 × 760 mm.

"True artists have always been outlaws and criminals. Full creativity is rebellious, different, perfectionist. We are not respectable, we do not do what we are told. We feel that we have to hide our new discoveries because the hardness of the world is pressed into our backs. We bend the rules until they burst open, we borrow and we steal, we smash and melt down the old, remake it in a different mould, and then present it to the world." – Guy Peppin

Guy Peppin is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist and writer who has recently completed his Masters of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. Peppin had a solo exhibition with Artereal Gallery in 2016, and has previously held solo exhibitions at Liverpool Street Gallery as well as internationally, and was a recipient of the Storrier Onslow NAS Paris Studio Residency in 2010.  Writing and making visual art have both become equally important to his art practice, Peppin’s recent body of work initially began as a project to understand the relationship between creative writing and art making in contemporary art. Through research into historical and cultural ideas on colour theory he developed a colour wheel based on colour and emotion in order to translate his poetry into a series of chromatic fade artworks.